Glasgow Science Centre Boosts Service Excellence

In preparation for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow Science Centre, a leading visitor attraction located on the Clyde Waterfront, worked with the Glasgow Welcomes initiative to provide training for 30 members of their frontline staff, including customer service, retail and cleaning staff. Gerry McCann, Customer Services Manager, Glasgow Science Centre explains how they implemented the Glasgow Welcomes training and the benefits it brought to the attraction:

“We take pride in the fact that Glasgow Science Centre is a five star visitor attraction and we have a customer service charter that all staff adhere to. With 11,500 members and more than 300,000 people visiting us each year, it is essential we deliver an outstanding experience to them all and create a legacy of excellent customer service.

“In the lead up to the Games, we had to prepare our frontline staff for the higher number of tourists that visited the Glasgow Science Centre and the increased passing trade due to our location and close proximity to the celebrations.

“It was important that our frontline staff not only delivered excellence customer service, but that they knew what was going on in and around Glasgow so that they could offer up-to-date advice on what there was to see and do in the city, information about Glasgow’s top attractions, as well as facts and figures on Games events, venues and dates.

“With this in mind we implemented a holistic approach to the Glasgow Welcomes training by providing the Glasgow Welcomes-Online module and Walking Tour to frontline staff to improve and refresh their customer service skills and knowledge of the city. The Glasgow Tower re-opened in July for the summer season and the knowledge that the staff learned boosted their confidence to identify landmarks around the city.

“Staff could login to the Glasgow Welcomes-Online module in the comfort of their homes, as well as at allocated times in our office, which was why we were able to achieve 100% completion rate amongst the team.

“We also recruited 20 new staff in the run up to the Games and the Glasgow Welcomes Walking Tours were a great tool for staff to gain first-hand knowledge and inspiration on city attractions. At the same time, the tours provided a team building opportunity to increase motivation and boost staff morale.

“I would recommend Glasgow Welcomes to other businesses. The training and tours enhanced staff motivation and confidence in their knowledge of what was going on during such a busy and exciting time for our city. We also received very positive feedback from tourists, as well as our regular customers.”

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