Grand Central adopt Glasgow Welcomes training

The Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow has three Glasgow Welcomes in-house trainers, who are rolling out training to their staff to prepare for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The three trainers include HR manager Claire Cuthbertson, HR officer Fiona McPhail and guest relations manager Sandy Fraser.

Claire has a great deal of praise for the Glasgow Welcomes trainer training, delivered by GW Training Facilitator Ian Hunt.

She said, "Being part of the HR team at Grand Central we already do a lot of customer service training, and we have our own training programmes, but we felt that we would all benefit from the Glasgow-focused Glasgow Welcomes training.

"This was definitely the case. As well as having our customer service aims and goals refreshed, we also learned a great deal about our city and what it offers to our customers. Some of the practical exercises really help to focus the mind on all that Glasgow has to offer the customer. It really helps with joined-up thinking in terms of the customer journey. This is something that we will be putting to use in our own training sessions with staff.

"Above all, I really enjoyed the process of the training course and the chance to learn more in a new environment.

Fiona McPhail agreed with much of what Claire said.

Fiona said, "Ian’s training is informative yet relaxed and I found him very approachable so it was possible to ask lots of questions. What we learned is easily transferrable to our own hotel, which means our staff can all benefit from the Glasgow Welcomes customer service programme.

"I think that everyone on the training course learned from each other, as well as refreshing those little bits of training delivery knowledge that you sometimes forget when left to your own devices!

Another benefit for Fiona was that the training reminded her how wonderful Glasgow is.

Fiona added, "I think that when you live and work in a city you can easily forget how amazing it is. I found the DVD and the facts and figures about Glasgow very useful and something that our staff can pass on to customers to improve our service.

Fiona has also taken on board the Glasgow Welcomes “wow factor” concept.

She said, "I think that having the wow factors as part of the training really helps to give new focus to how your own business serves customers. It has given me new drive to take forward some wow factor ideas and to help staff come up with new wows for our customers.

Sandy Fraser, the guest relations manager, deals with customer complaints and found the training very useful.

He said, "I am on the frontline dealing with customers and I was interested in how the Glasgow Welcomes training offered advice on customer feedback. It was helpful to have new training over and above the training already offered in the hotel.

"I will be merging the training we already offer with the Glasgow Welcomes service excellence training to deliver to staff what I feel is a very focused package.

Fiona said, "We are training staff from a range of different departments in small groups. We think it’s valuable for them to mix on the course because of improved communication across departments.

"So far, the feedback from staff has been very positive. They really enjoy the approach of the Glasgow Welcomes training and taking a fresh look at what our hotel offers the customer.

Claire added,

"The Glasgow Welcomes training is very relevant to our staff and our business. We are delighted to be part of the wider Glasgow Welcomes initiative.

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