Student reveals why hospitality is the career for him

Daniel Laud is a student at the City of Glasgow College. He combines his BA in Hospitality Management with two part-time jobs as a chef, one at his parent’s guest house in Grantown-on-Spey and another at a restaurant in the town.

Daniel revealed his love of his career so far in hospitality and encouraged youngsters at the recent Glasgow Trail Prize Giving Event to consider working in this growing sector.

He knew from a young age that he wanted to be a chef. Growing up in Orkney, Daniel honed his culinary skills at home and being diagnosed as dyslexic he decided that a vocational-style college course was for him when he finished school.

He says,

"I always loved food and cooking and I had ambitions to become a chef when I was a boy. I left school and enrolled at a local college to follow National Certificate (NC) qualifications in vocational hospitality courses.

These qualifications then enabled Daniel to work as a chef. He says, "It was a great career choice to make because being a chef meant I could travel the world. I worked in Australia and then decided to head to New Zealand. In New Zealand I was lucky enough to cook for a multi-millionaire. That was an amazing job.

"Next came the American Dream! I worked at a summer camp for kids. As soon as the kids and staff found out that I was a trained patisserie chef they quickly found reasons to ask me to make all kinds of cakes. During that season I made about 185 birthday cakes, and I am sure there were not that many birthdays in the camp! It was great fun.

Daniel then came back to the UK to find that his parents had moved from Orkney to Grantown-on-Spey, where they had bought a guest house. Daniel says, "It made a lot of sense for me to work with my parents and although I do cook I also found that I wanted to learn more about the management side of hospitality.

"Working in a small establishment you need a range of skills to run the business,

Despite being dyslexic, Daniel decided to try for a degree in hospitality management. He says, "I think having had all the experience of being a chef around the world gave me the confidence to pursue hospitality in a more academic way.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the BA in Hospitality Management at the City of Glasgow College. I combine my degree with work back in the Highlands and find that I am managing to cover my costs and cope with the academic workload.

"Who knows where this course will take me next. All I know is that I have loved my career so far. Hospitality is a great way to see the world and experience new cultures. There are so many jobs and the work is so varied.

"I couldn’t recommend it more highly for being rewarding, sociable, well-paid and more like a passion than a career.

"For me, this sector has also taken me from vocational training to academic qualifications and this is something I never imagined when I was at school. There are just so many opportunities in the tourism and hospitality sector.

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* The picture is of Daniel being awarded a trophy for Excellence in Professional Cookery at a recent City of Glasgow College ceremony.


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