Willow Tea Rooms

Located on Glasgow’s Style Mile, the Willow Tea Rooms is a great spot for tourists and locals alike, and with its Mackintosh style design, it’s an important part of Glasgow’s visitor experience. The bustling tea rooms, situated on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street, recognised Glasgow Welcomes as an ideal training element for over 20 of their staff members to improve and refresh their customer service skills and knowledge of the city.

Sheila Proctor, who manages the Willow Tea Rooms, explained the benefits of the training programme for their staff:

“Taking part in Glasgow Welcomes was a great way to address staff training, boost their confidence and allow each individual member to realise they are providing a great service to all types of customer.

“Members of staff who have worked for Willow Tea Rooms for many years got involved with the training. The programme of training bites were perfect. It’s really useful to take time to refresh and scrub up on skills. By taking staff away from the routine of their day job to think about how they provide service was really important.

“Timing for delivery of the training was very important because of the number of tourists visiting Glasgow in 2014; we wanted our staff to make a great impression on each customer and deliver excellent customer service.

“Throughout the summer we welcomed new members of staff to the team. Many of them are students or overseas staff that may not have a wealth of customer service experience so providing that extra training was brilliant. The Glasgow Welcomes training also provided a wealth of knowledge and insight into Glasgow’s culture and lifestyle that staff could then relay to visitors.

“One of the best parts was the online training modules. It was the perfect way for staff to engage with training in their own time in the comfort of their home. It is an extremely user friendly programme. You could stop and start it, take breaks and come back to it.

“I would recommend Glasgow Welcomes to other businesses. Staff were very receptive and they all enjoyed taking part. It gave them a confidence boost in an extremely busy yet exciting period for the city.”

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