7 things to know about #scotspirit

At the recent Glasgow Welcomes Champions spring event, Mark Irwin, Senior Brand Engagement Manager at VisitScotland, revealed the story behind the organisation’s first global brand, the Spirit of Scotland.

Mark explained that the aim is for everyone in Scotland, and everyone who cares for Scotland irrespective of who they are, where they are from or what they believe, to get behind the #ScotSpirit movement.

The campaign will bring the “Spirit of Scotland” to life and encourage people worldwide to engage online with The Seven Spirits of Scotland, which are:

Soul; Warmth; Guts; Humour; Determination; Fun; and Spark.

Mark also offered tips about how businesses can utilise #ScotSpirit to their advantage – and for the benefit of Glasgow and Scotland.


1 #ScotSpirit is defined as the Spirit of Scotland. When asked, many visitors described a unique spirit or emotion that is found in Scotland. Mark said: “These #ScotSpirit moments evoke a special feeling, stir the soul and give you an ‘emotional kick’. The Spirit makes Scotland unique.”

2 #ScotSpirit can be a view, taste, feeling, emotion or experience and it includes the people, landscapes, myths, history, culture, landmarks and attractions.

3 #ScotSpirit is a consumer-led advocacy campaign. Mark said: “Rather than the traditional style of advertising, where we tell people what is great about Scotland, where to go and what to do, this campaign focuses on the consumers as advocates. We want them to spread the word about Scotland and how great it is.”

4 The aim is for a viral promotion of the Spirit of Scotland by people in Scotland, as well as those who have visited, using #ScotSpirit in social media messages, business promotions and “wherever they see fit”. Mark said: “The hashtag is already being used 1,000 times every day at the moment and this is fantastic. It is really taking off.”

5 Glasgow Welcomes ambassadors are the ideal people to spread the #ScotSpirit word. Mark said: “The more people who hear and read about #ScotSpirit the greater the benefits of this campaign will be for Scotland and for every tourism and hospitality business. We want to create partnerships with businesses so the campaign message travels wider and further.”

6 There is a new VisitScotland website for consumers underpinned by #ScotSpirit branding. It has been optimised for mobile phone usage because many more people now access information on the go.

7 Glasgow businesses are being encouraged to be creative and use #ScotSpirit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, at business events and in all kinds of promotional activities. Mark said: “We are urging businesses to think about ways that you can join the new #ScotSpirit campaign.”

See further details here of how your business can maximise the new Spirit of Scotland brand.


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