Managers and Leaders

The average business loses 20% of their customer base every year and most do not know why.

  • Do you struggle to find the right staff?
  • Is your business reputation important to you?
  • Do you want to maximise revenues?

We understand that it can be a challenge for businesses to stay ahead of the game in Glasgow’s fast-expanding tourism, leisure, retail and hospitality industry.

To do this it’s vital that you are continually developing ways to increase staff motivation and retention, and offering effective team training. This will boost your service excellence and reputation – and ultimately increase efficiency and, most importantly, revenues.

To help your business maximise its potential, our Glasgow Welcomes website provides an unrivalled resource for managers and leaders in the sector, offering access to a wide range of key techniques and practical tools that will see your business reaping greater benefits.

Remember our people are our greatest asset!

Glasgow Welcomes ALSO offers a range of MANAGEMENT & lEADERSHIP opportunities AND A FULL SERVICE EXCELLENCE PROGRAMME, as well as advice for teams and staff, volunteers and on careers in the industry.


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