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Glasgow City Council is absolutely committed to fostering an innovative environment that is supportive of SMEs and entrepreneurs, from start-up, through growth to sustainable consolidation, supporting local communities and ensuring jobs are created and safeguarded. With a team of skilled Business Advisers, our service can help your business grow regardless of its stage on the business life-cycle, and develop in line with your strategic vision and aspirations.

Starting a business
Starting a business can be a challenge. Whether it’s writing a business plan, understanding and accessing finance or establishing how to market and sell products or services, our advice and support can help. Through dedicated workshops and the Business Gateway service, our Business Advisers can help.

Growing a business
Having started your business and invested the time, energy and commitment, you may be at the stage of looking to grow your business. Identifying the right premises, penetrating new markets and accessing public sector opportunities ensuring the company has the right structure and recruiting staff are only a few of the challenges. Our skilled Business Advisers can work with you to develop your strategic plan and realise your business aspirations.

Financing a business
Access to finance is a critical part of running any business. Whether through mainstream or alternative financing routes, our Business Advisers can offer guidance and information on a range of options available to help your business grow and develop across its life-cycle.

Recruiting for a business
Recruiting and retaining staff to help your business grow and develop can often be a challenge. Through the Glasgow Guarantee programme, our Business Advisers can help you recruit and assist with paying part of the salary. This commitment can help lay the foundations for growing and expanding your business.

Transferring a business
Having grown and nurtured your business, one of the most difficult stages is to consider moving on and letting someone else take over. Succession planning and valuation is an important dimension of business and our Business Advisers can offer support and advice to ensure the transition is planned and considered. They can also help entrepreneurs looking to acquire a business and ensure sustainable economic growth in Glasgow.

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