Service Innovation

Service Innovation

Giving the customer a superior and new experience every time they contact you online or walk through your door is service innovation. Rather than asking yourself, “how is my business doing”, ask “how is my customer doing and what more can I offer them that they will value?” Offering new services can create new revenue streams and establish customer loyalty. We can support you with service innovation.

Brigadier David Allfrey MBE, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, said: "Innovation is vital, not just because you want to be doing new things, but you want to be doing the same things better. That is as innovative as doing something different.


Every business involves people – staff, suppliers, customers and potentially collaborative partners. They’re your biggest asset. Their knowledge and ideas impact on your business. Creating a culture of innovation means everyone connected to your business gets involved. Good ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. Involving your people can be one of the simplest ways to drive growth.
We can support you with this and share good practice.

Alan Gordon, director of innovation, Stena, said: “A staff suggestion scheme was developed… it has generated over 11,000 suggestions and we have implemented over 1,600 which means we can improve things for the customers, the staff and the company.”

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