A series of tourism innovation workshops is being developed for the Glasgow City Region.

These events are being designed to raise awareness, motivate, and to develop capability, knowledge and skills within your business to help you take advantage of the opportunities open to the Glasgow tourism sector. Helping you to develop a culture of innovation within your organisation (large or small) these sessions will also encourage you to just think differently..creatively..out of the box…. The workshops have been designed to introduce practical tools and techniques to help build individual and company capability, to increase new product, process and service development for your customers, and to enhance the innovation skills, processes and culture of you and your team so that you can continually keep improving what you do.

The workshops are being developed in line with the priorities of Glasgow's Tourism and Visitor Plan. which include:

  • Neighbourhoods
  • Food and Drink 
  • Craft Beer 
  • Improving Customer Experience
  • Urban Adventure
  • Working with Scotland' Destination Marketing Organisations

If any of this chimes with you, then watch this space for more information on upcoming workshops or get in touch at [email protected]

Other Innovation Events

Sometimes innovation needs to be a bit less formal and a bit more quirky so we will be coming out with some other opportunities for you to come and explore new ways to save money, new ways to access markets, to get more from your team and guidance on how to make you customers a happier bunch through some targeted, informal events. 



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